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By Type of Meeting:

  • B.- BIG BOOK MEETING : A meeting which is formatted to the study of the book entitled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the basic text of A.A. often called the Big Book.
  • C.- CLOSED MEETINGS: Only for persons who qualify for A.A. membership. A.A. makes no determination as to who does or does not qualify for membership. When considering attending closed meetings, you are asked to apply A.A.’s Third Tradition, “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.”
  • D.- DISCUSSION MEETING: These meetings are organized as general topic discussions on the issues pertaining to alcoholism and staying sober.
  • O.-OPEN MEETING: Anyone interested in the subject of alcoholism and how to stop drinking may attend.
  • S.- SPEAKER MEETING: Usually consists of a member selected beforehand who tells their story of what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now.
  • 12- TWELVE AND TWELVE MEETING: A meeting which is formatted to the study of the book entitled “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions,” a book written by one of the co-founders to further explain the process of recovery from alcoholism through Alcoholics Anonymous.

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